Wills & Estate Planning

Give yourself and your loved ones peace-of-mind.

Two things that are very important to you are your family and your property. When you retire or pass away, you want to make sure that both are protected. That’s where the experience of Paul Watson is critical.

Paul will help you develop an Estate Plan that will ensure that your wishes are carried out in a manner that reflects your wishes and is financially sound.

There are three documents you need in place to establish a complete estate plan – a Will, Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care.  Paul Watson will determine your needs and prepare these documents in a way that will protect your interests, provide clear direction, and save your estate money. After all, none of us want to work hard all our lives only to have our savings wasted on government fees and taxes.

Give yourself and your loved ones peace-of-mind.  Work with Paul Watson to develop a strategic Estate Plan now that will save money later.

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Some people are cautious about calling a lawyer because they think they can’t afford one or it will complicate the situation. Both are untrue. Paul will provide you with timely service at a reasonable price. Come in for a consultation.