Real Estate

Paul understands the local real estate market and how to manage transactions.

Paul Watson was born in Chatham-Kent and has worked here for his entire professional career. He understands the local real estate market and how to manage residential and commercial purchases, sales and mortgages.  Paul can also assist with severances, rezoning and land development.

It is a cliché to say that your home purchase is the largest purchase the average person ever makes, but it is true.  As your lawyer, Paul and his staff will act as the “quarterbacks” for your purchase and sale.  This involves coordinating everything that needs to be done to complete the transaction. 

On purchases, this includes searching title, arranging for title insurance, ensuring you have house insurance and communicating with your mortgage provider to ensure you receive the money you need when you need it.  On house sales, it includes answering any legal questions relating to your title that may be raised by the Purchaser’s lawyer and ensuring that any mortgages or encumbrances are paid out and discharged at closing.

Let Paul and his staff guide you through this stressful process so you can concentrate on enjoying your new home.

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Some people are cautious about calling a lawyer because they think they can’t afford one or it will complicate the situation. Both are untrue. Paul will provide you with timely service at a reasonable price. Come in for a consultation.